Our Mission

The Virtual Job Coach is an online application designed to help adults with developmental disabilities succeed in the workplace. Visually-rich instructional modules address pre-employment, workplace, and social skills to help close the employment gap that exists between adults with disabilities and those without. Designed for use in a variety of educational settings, the Virtual Job Coach provides information, strategies, and tools that carry the sound instructional practices used in the K-12 environment over to the adult learning environment.

People with developmental disabilities face significant challenges in the workplace, but they also bring tremendous talents and gifts. We believe that by easing the path to employment, employees and employers alike will benefit from the skills and talents people with disabilities can offer. We believe that the Virtual Job Coach is a proven, effective tool that adults with disabilities, and those professionals, friends, and family supporting them, can use to help find them and keep a job for the long haul. Learn more about the Virtual Job Coach’s features, benefits and results.