Research Driven, Pragmatic Approach to Job Skills Preparation

The Virtual Job Coach is a cloud-based, mobile-optimized, accessible 24-7 instructional application that supports adults with disabilities through

  • online, easily-accessible instruction in a visually-engaging environment;
  • real-world practice to support generalization of skills; and
  • content in pre-employment, workplace, and social skills.

What Makes the Virtual Job Coach Unique?

The Virtual Job Coach is the only web-based instructional application for job and workplace skills for students and adults with disabilities that approaches curriculum from a pragmatic place, weaving specific career-related social skills throughout the lessons to help users learn and practice them in real-world settings.

The Virtual Job Coach’s streamlined interface and research-proven instructional techniques--including incremental instruction, video modeling, auditory playback, graphic organizers, and role play exercises--help students and adults with disabilities, with a variety of learning styles and at diverse functional levels, retain the material for greater success.

The Virtual Job Coach can be implemented in a variety of settings including in high school transition classrooms, in vocational rehabilitation settings, during job clubs, with one-on-one job coaching, and for independent study. It can be used by individuals studying independently, fully-guided with an instructor or coach, or in a blended format.

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