The Virtual Job Coach empowers adults and young adults with disabilities like autism to succeed in the workplace with targeted instructional modules accessed through an easy-to-use online platform that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more about different users who can benefit and frequently asked questions.

Comprehensive and Rich Instruction

  • 29 Career Planning and 58 Job Search Skills modules
  • 30+ hours of instruction, 25+ video models, 12 writable, reusable graphic organizers
  • Detailed Instructor Guides and Partner Support Guides for each unit in English and Spanish
  • Coming Soon: 50+ Workplace Skills modules addressing communication, collaboration, self-regulation, and self-advocacy in the workplace
  • Alignment to state and national career/workplace education standards

Audio-Visual Support

  • Audio playback on every instructional screen
  • Video models demonstrating social and interpersonal skills
  • Screencasts illustrating technical or web-based job search skills and processes

Graphic Support for Visual Learners

  • Clear, purposeful graphics including checklists, charts and graphs, maps, and illustrations
  • Clutter-free learning environment to limit distractions and support visual sensitivity
  • Writable and reusable templates and tools learners can use and re-use on- or off-line throughout their job search journeys

Flexible Instructional Support

  • Proven successful when used independently, in a fully-guided setting, or in a blended model.
  • Instructor Guides for classroom teachers in English and Spanish providing pacing recommendations, teacher scripts, additional discussion questions, and student projects and worksheets
  • Partner Support Guides in English and Spanish assisting parents, job coaches, and others to help the learner get the most out of the instructional content
  • Online assignments and progress monitoring helping instructors and partners offer targeted support, regardless of distance or class size