K-12 Educators

The Virtual Job Coach can be used in a K-12 transition classroom or pull out group for learners who are transitioning to adulthood. This model is appropriate for students who need significant assistance completing the modules and extra instruction to reinforce key concepts, or for younger learners who may have less experience in the process of planning a career and finding and keeping a job.

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Why it Works

  • Designed by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities.
  • Research-based, research-validated approach and content.
  • Incremental instruction illustrating skills and strategies step by step.
  • Video models, graphics, and audio playback on every screen to support audio-visual learners.
  • Clutter-free workspace minimizes distractions and supports sensory needs.
  • Comprehensive Instructor Guides help teachers deepen learners’ understanding, plan instruction, and assess comprehension with flexible activities.

How it Works

  • The instructor makes and monitors assignments for groups of learners online, choosing a pre-planned 18- or 36-week curriculum or customizing assignments based on learners’ needs. Instructors can even manage multiple groups of learners simultaneously from a single control panel.
  • Instructors guide learners through the content in class, using suggested scripts provided in the Instructor Guides.
  • Instructors assess and extend learning using the additional activities, discussion questions, role plays, real-world explorations, and extended unit projects provided in the comprehensive Instructor Guides.

What You Get

  • 29 Career Planning and 58 Job Search Skills modules including 30+ hours of instruction and 25+ video models
  • Writable PDFS the learner can use and reuse to get and stay organized
  • Coming Soon: 50+ Workplace Skills modules addressing communication, collaboration, self-regulation, and self-advocacy in the workplace
  • Internet-based instruction available 24-7, accessible on any device using supported browsers
  • An instructor portal enabling online assignment making and monitoring for one or more groups of learners.
  • Comprehensive Instructor Guides for each unit with multiple, flexible assessment and enrichment options.
  • Instruction fully aligned to Common Core State Standards, the Common Career Technical Core, P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning, and the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards.


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