Q: What is the Virtual Job Coach?
A: The Virtual Job Coach is an online application designed for adults and young adults with autism and/or other disabilities. It includes engaging instructional content and multimedia resources to help learners find and maintain employment. Instructional modules cover job search and employment skills, as well as social skills. The self-paced curriculum can be used independently or led by an instructor, coach, or parent. Learn more about our product.

Q: What makes the Virtual Job Coach different from other programs?
A: The Virtual Job Coach is the only pre-employment and workplace skills program for adults with disabilities that approaches curriculum from a pragmatic place, weaving specific career-related social skills throughout the lessons to help learners develop and practice them in real-world settings.

The Virtual Job Coach’s streamlined interface and research-proven instructional approaches--including incremental instruction, video modeling, auditory playback, graphic organizers, and role play exercises--accommodate sensory needs and developmental differences.

It is based on five years of research in the field that has yielded positive results in multiple educational settings. Adults who have participated in the program have reported increases in self-confidence, improved job search and employment skills, and breakthroughs in employment status. Learn more about the features and the benefits.

Q: What kinds of resources can I find on The Virtual Job Coach?
A: The Virtual Job Coach organizes career planning, job search and employment skill instruction into logically-grouped units. Each unit contains several individually-paced modules. Units begin with an introductory module previewing what will be taught and establishing baseline understanding. Modules step the learner through the particular skill with visual and audio support throughout. Each unit ends with a concluding module that summarizes what was learned. The Virtual Job Coach also provides module- or unit-specific Graphic Organizers as editable PDF files, which the learner can download to his or her computer and complete. These Graphic Organizers are reusable templates that provide valuable tools the learner can use multiple times during their job search/employment process. See a full list of features.

Q: Who is the Virtual Job Coach for?
A: The Virtual Job Coach is designed for adults and young adults with developmental disabilities like autism. The Virtual Job Coach also includes English and Spanish Partner Support Guides for parents, counselors, job coaches, and other mentors working with learners to develop their job search and employment skills. For K-12 transition classroom teachers, the Virtual Job Coach offers traditional Instructor Guides. Learn more about all the ways to use the Virtual Job Coach.

Q: How will using the Virtual Job Coach help me or my child or my student?
A: All of the modules in the Virtual Job Coach are research-based and have been pilot-tested. Modules break down job search and employment skills into easy-to-understand, manageable units, helping the learner master some of the finer points of the employment process that might not be obvious or easy to understand. Modules incorporate visual and audio support to address the unique learning needs of adults with autism or other disabilities. Modules also include support to help learners extend their knowledge into the real world by working with a partner or an instructor.

Q: Where can the Virtual Job Coach be used?
A: The Virtual Job Coach can be implemented in a variety of settings including in High School Transition classrooms, in vocational rehabilitation settings, during job clubs, with one-on-one job coaching, at home, and for independent study.  Learn more about the different settings where users have been successfully using the Virtual Job Coach.

Q: What is included as part of the Virtual Job Coach?
A: All units in the Virtual Job Coach provide an introductory module, followed by several instructional modules and a concluding module. Related resources in each module include stand-alone video models, reusable graphic organizers (writeable PDFs), and related web links for more information.

For job coaches, parent advocates and other service providers, each unit comes with a Partner Support Guide available in English and Spanish for small groups and/or one-on-one instruction. For K-12 transition teachers and those leading a more in-depth instructional group, the Virtual Job Coach has Instructor Guides for a course that lasts the traditional half or full school year. These guides can be used to assist the user in absorbing key content and generalizing skills outside of the online learning environment. The activities might include discussion questions, role-plays, and/or real-world explorations.

Teachers and coaches working with multiple learners also receive access to create online assignments and the ability to monitor progress for each learner.  For more details comparing the features available by subscription, visit our pricing page or learn more about the features and benefits.

Q: How do I purchase a subscription to the Virtual Job Coach?
A: Please visit our pricing page to select a subscription that is right for your needs. If your school or organization has a subscription, have your code ready when setting up your login. You can sign up.

Q: What is the difference between the subscription types?
A: Pricing varies depending on how many learners will be accessing the site and what level of support is needed for a coach, parent, or instructor. Those studying independently only need the learner modules. A parent or job coach may elect to use the Partner Support Guides with the system to make it easier to extend learning. A teacher working with a group of students may prefer to have more extensive Instructor Guides along with the ability to make assignments and monitor progress online.

Q: What if I only want access to parts of the curriculum? Is that possible?
A: Yes. You can purchase a subscription to one domain - Career Planning Skills, Job Search Skills, or Workplace Skills. You can also purchase individual units within these larger domains. Units contain multiple instructional modules that build upon one another. 

Q: Are there discounts available for the Virtual Job Coach?
A: Yes. Contact us if you are part of a school or school district.

Q: Can I try a demo of the Virtual Job Coach?
A: Yes. Visit our demo page to try out the Virtual Job Coach and learn about its features and how it might benefit you.

Q: How do I log into the Virtual Job Coach?
A: To log into the Virtual Job Coach, you must be a registered user. To become a registered user, please select your subscription on our pricing page. Once you have subscribed, you’ll need to set up a username and password. In general, we recommend your username be your email address and that you set up a unique password. If you ever forget it, the Virtual Job Coach will help you reset it. Visit this link to log in for the first time and set up your username and password.

For more information, contact the Virtual Job Coach Help Desk at vjchelp@strategicedsolutions.com.

Q: Why do I need a unique email address for each user?
A: The Virtual Job Coach uses email addresses to set up each user and differentiate them from each other. This also ensures that teachers and mentors working with multiple students can monitor individual student progress and differentiate instruction accordingly.

Q: How do I find modules in the Virtual Job Coach?
A: Finding modules in the Virtual Job Coach is easy. You can either search for modules by keyword or browse by domain and unit. At any time, a complete Module Index lists all content in order.

Q: I’m a classroom teacher. Are other teachers using The Virtual Job Coach in their classroom?
A: Yes. The Virtual Job Coach can be used by classroom teachers to support transition goals or job clubs. Each unit has an Instructor Guide that a teacher can use to assist the learner in understanding the content and applying it in the real world along with an instructor portal enabling online assignment making and monitoring. Read more about the different ways that instructors can use the Virtual Job Coach. And be sure to learn more about what our learners and teachers had to say in our Research Pilot and testimonials from those who have used the Virtual Job Coach. 

Q: Do you have materials available in Spanish?
A: Yes. While the learner modules of the Virtual Job Coach are in English, we offer Partner Support Guides and Instructor Guides in both English and Spanish.

Q: I am a self-advocate and prefer to work by myself. Can I do that?
A: Yes. The Virtual Job Coach is set up for self-advocates who want to work independently. The system is set up so you can go at your own pace, access the content whenever you’re ready, and you can skip around or redo any part at any time. See what our pilot testers had to say and read some testimonials they shared with us.

Q: I am a parent. Can I use the Virtual Job Coach to help my child?
A: Yes. The Virtual Job Coach can make it easier to coach your child one-on-one as they work through the program. This blended-instruction model comes with Partner Support Guides to give parents the confidence they need to answer questions, conduct role plays, and check for understanding. Read more about how parents can use the Virtual Job Coach. Also be sure to check out the results of our Blended Learning pilot and testimonials from parents who have used the program successfully with their child.

Q: I am a service provider, such a vocational education provider. Will the Virtual Job Coach be flexible for how we use it for our clients?
A: Yes. The Virtual Job Coach can be used with job clubs, one-on-one coaching, and in small groups led by an instructor. Learn more about the many ways that service providers can use the Virtual Job Coach and testimonials from those who have used the system. Snapshots from our blended learning and fully-guided pilots share how service providers can use the Virtual Job Coach with the clients they serve.

Q: Does the Virtual Job Coach align to curriculum standards?
A: Yes. The Virtual Job Coach aligns to Common Core State Standards, Common Career Technical Core, P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning, and the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards to help educators meet their instructional objectives.

Q: What technology requirements will I need to use the Virtual Job Coach?
A: In general, you will need an Internet browser and access to the Internet. The Virtual Job Coach supports all the most current versions of operating systems and browsers. The following are the earliest versions of browsers and operating systems that are supported.

  • Browsers:  Google Chrome (recommended); Mozilla Firefox 3.5+; Microsoft IE8+ (IE9+ recommended); Safari 5+
  • Operating Systems:  Windows XP+ (Windows Vista+ recommended); OS X 10.5 Leopard+ (10.6 Snow Leopard+ recommended)

Q: Can the Virtual Job Coach be used on a mobile device or tablet?
A: Yes. As long as you have access to the Internet through a support browser, you will be able to access the Virtual Job Coach.

Q: Can the Virtual Job Coach be downloaded as an app?
A: Not yet. We are exploring making the Virtual Job Coach accessible through an app interface. Until then, the system has been optimized for use on mobile devices or tablets, so feel free to log-in from those devices right now.

Q. Where can I request a feature addition or make a suggestion?
A: We welcome your feedback! Please contact us to send us your feedback or suggestion.

Can't find your answer? Contact the Virtual Job Coach Help Desk for help.