We are proud of the impact the Virtual Job Coach has had on the lives of young adults and adults with disabilities. From those who didn’t know how to start looking for a job, to those that had given up looking; from those who needed a complete course on searching for jobs to those that simply needed a little extra practice in interviewing, our users have all experienced the benefits of our research-based, accessible instruction. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of our pilot testers have to say about their experiences.

Then, read on to hear more about what instructors, parents, and learners like best about the Virtual Job Coach, and Contact Us to learn more.

What Instructors Told Us

“The biggest achievement I have seen in my clients [after using the Virtual Job Coach] is their confidence. They now acknowledge and explain their disabilities with pride and are not ashamed. They can express what they need to be successful.”

“The Virtual Job Coach assisted my interns with completing a job application, understanding their rights and how to talk about their disability, and preparing for an interview. The videos are very helpful with comprehension of content.”

“The change I see in my students using the Virtual Job Coach modules is a change in their self confidence and self awareness. The students have really embraced their disabilities as a positive and have learned their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.” Leah Davis, Project Search Teacher, Fort Bend ISD/United Healthcare

“[My students’ confidence level was totally different from when I first met [them] to when we were actually finishing up. It showed even in the way they acted. They would say, ‘Oh, I don’t think I should apply,’ or ‘I don’t think I should go for that interview. I won’t get it.’ But after doing the modules, they believed in themselves. They said, ‘I can do this. I can make this resume or this cover letter. If it doesn’t go well, then it doesn’t go well, but I still have the skills I need to continue and keep looking for jobs.’” Rebecca Moran, Pilot Coordinator

“For many years, I have seen students and young adults with Autism who have so much to offer to the world, but can’t get a job. We’ve tried to fit them into existing programs to learn the skills they need, but this doesn’t work. In the Virtual Job Coach, we finally have a program designed for people with autism, with direct input by people with autism every step of the way. We need this program in every classroom and every service system in the country.” Maria Quintero-Conk, Ph.D., Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Authority Psychologist, Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare

[The Virtual Coach] “was very user-friendly, very multi-sensory, so that it worked depending on the best learning style for that particular participant/student. If they are very visual, it’s visual. If they’re very hands-on, it’s hands-on. If they like the auditory, you can play back and repeat or spend more time on a certain thing if you need to before moving on. It just had a lot of advantages for [many ways to learn].  For a lot of kids, they say, ‘I’m ready for a job.’ But what does that entail? Well, here’s a program that shows you all the things from writing a resume to interviewing to whatever. It’s all outlined for you. These are the things you need to be able to do or know to be successful. It built confidence.” Cathy Grigory, Special Education Teacher and Parent of a Child with Asperger Syndrome

What Learners Told Us

“[My biggest challenge in finding a job before using the Virtual Job Coach was] not knowing how to get started. [Using the Virtual Job Coach] gave me self confidence…and taught me how to find a job.” Brent T., pilot tester who found a job after using the Virtual Job Coach

“[My biggest challenge in finding a job before using the Virtual Job Coach was] Being nervous that I don’t qualify. [Using the Virtual Job Coach] taught me how to tell my employer about my disability.” Kayla D, pilot tester who found a job after using the Virtual Job Coach

“[The Virtual Job Coach] placed the entire world of employment into an academic setting that I had never seen before. It moved quickly, it was very easily communicated, it was on a level to where I think pretty much anyone with special needs could understand and could relate to.”
Charles B, pilot tester, previously employed, who found a job after using the Virtual Job Coach

“I appreciated the way everything was set up and was geared to fit an autistic [person]. All those videos, all those texts, and you could just replay it...I like how at the end of every module, there is a feedback survey. It also helped me remember and pay attention to what I got out of the website...The survey system at the end of everything really helped reinforce what I actually learned.” James G, pilot tester who is currently a self-employed IT Specialist